All Furniture Services® will provide Comprehensive Training for Business Operations: Our program covers customer interactions, account management, software proficiency (provided), and various services such as field operations, repairs, restorations, and supply management. We offer individualized support until readiness, with ongoing assistance. Training typically concludes in under two weeks, ensuring a swift and thorough onboarding process.
We place a high value on the quality of our work, the success of our partners, and the reputation of our brand. Consequently, we offer free limited available support to our franchisees as well as support group for tech’s and franchisees.


We provide initial training at no charge for up to one person- FREE. This training program is structured to empower franchisees to autonomously train their own additional personnel. However, should assistance be requested for training additional staff beyond the provided resources we may charge a fee for training additional persons, newly-hired personnel, refresher training courses, advanced training courses, and additional or special assistance or training you need or request. The fee will be the then-current fee plus all the trainees’ expenses including travel, lodging, meals and wages to our location.
Subjects of the training:
  • All Furniture Services® Foundations, Who we are and what makes us awesome!
  • Recruiting and Trainer Onboarding
  • Sales Process, Rules & Procedures
  • Supply & Tools
  • Field Service
  • Methods & Techniques
  • Effective business development systems
  • Client Fulfillment
  • Software – How the software systems work
  • Outsourcing