All Furniture Services® operates all types of Furniture Repair and Restoration services at commercial, public and private locations. Furniture Repair, Antique and Art Restoration, Refinishing, Upholstery, Cleaning, Dyeing, Disassembly, Installation and other Services offered to all: Manufactures, Retailers, Designers, Moving, Delivery, Medical and Hospitality Facilities, Restaurants, Construction, Insurance and Warranty Companies as well as Individual Customers. All Furniture Services® possess expertise in repairing various materials such as wood, leather, vinyl, plastic, upholstery, mechanisms, etc., not only limited to furniture but extending to automobiles, boats, and airplanes. All Furniture Services® operate under our system and use All Furniture Services®’s trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos.
All Furniture Services® franchisees will receive access to their corporate portal account, along with their own license to the cloud-based software/portal/field service management system provided by for their local operations.
The Ultimate All-In-One Software Solution for Service Businesses. Our Field Service Management program stands out as the premier choice for seamlessly managing both office and field work. Tailored specifically for repair and service operations, it offers a comprehensive solution.

Portal & Work Flow:

  • Complete Work Flow: Automatically receive new work orders from registered accounts, partners, leads, or manually create them. Assign work orders to contractors/technicians, franchisees or remote locations for review and/or scheduling. Schedule field service or virtual service, complete tasks, or cancel/reschedule if needed. Generate and provide estimates or invoicing for each work order individually or grouped for accounts preferring consolidated invoicing. Manage pending work orders awaiting customer response or callbacks. Verify reports, pictures, signatures, etc., provided by technicians/contractors. Receive real-time updates on all work order/ticket statuses, including completed, ready for processing, invoicing, or overdue tasks. Monitor field service reports or remote locations’ statuses and easily configure business details, from contacts to time zones, email subjects, contents, file names, notifications, and more. Receive automatic warnings, details, and notifications regarding work order coverage area, additional travel distance fees, etc. Optimized field route planning right within the platform, mapping and time management. Payment solutions for jobs, invoices as well as pay outs for expenses, parts, supply, to workers and contractors.

Mobile Access / App:

  • Access the portal on any device for field or office use.

Efficient Filters / Search and Access:

  • Easily find and access information using various parameters such as name, address, phone, work details, parts, content, history, payment, etc.

Create Customer Records / Work Orders:

  • Generate customer records and work orders within the portal effortlessly. Differentiate between private, end customer paid work orders, registered account/partner paid/billed work orders, or 3rd party paid work orders.

Create Account / Partner, Access and Management:

  • Create and manage accounts/partners with preferences for billing, communication, payment terms, and other details. Grant account partners access to the portal for creating work orders, managing invoice payments, internal communications, and more. Allow partners to use their own reference numbers, WO/PO/Sales numbers without conversion.

Create Field Technicians / Workers / Contractor, Access and Management:

  • Create and manage technicians, contractors and franchisees. Grant field technician access, assign territories, areas, zip codes, note their specialties, abilities, availabilities, and limitations. Assign technician codes if needed.
  • Provide field techs/contractors with restricted/controlled access tailored to their jobs, including viewing job details, locations, images, communication, submitting reports, signatures, documents, videos, and payments.

Creating Areas & Territories:

  • Ability to create service areas, territories, assign zip codes, area codes, local or remote service areas with extra fees. Easily identify technician or work order assignments within areas. Facilitating operations at all levels, whether local, long-distance, remote, nationwide, global, or franchised, with utmost ease.

Intellectual Scheduler / Scheduling Calendar and Dispatch:

  • Schedule, dispatch, and manage work orders seamlessly from any location. Utilize an intelligent scheduler calendar to allocate available days and time windows for specific work orders, areas, and technicians, enabling easy scheduling for on-site visits and more.

Automatic & Manual Job Status Change:

  • Enable automatic or manual job status changes within the portal for timely handling of tasks and workflows.

Flexible Assignment:

  • Efficiently allocate and designate work orders to salespersons, designated technician or group of technicians, contractors, franchisees, shop personnel, or management for tasks such as review, parts ordering, resolving payment issues, providing estimates, or any other required action.

Route Planning: Automated Multi-stop Route Planner:

  • Automatically pull technician’s work for the entire day without manual data entry to utilize an automated multi-stop route planner. Generate, edit, save or email optimized maps, implementing a sophisticated job routing for stop-by-stop routes, considering factors like job length, travel time, set by work order times, and more.

Estimation Capabilities:

  • Provide cost estimates and time durations for jobs, aiding in customer communication and scheduling. Convert estimates into jobs or invoices.


  • Generate single invoice per work order or consolidate multiple jobs into one invoice. Automatically or manually send invoices, process payments, and update statuses accordingly.

Invoice Tracking:

  • Monitor paid, unpaid, or prepaid invoices. Receive automatic status updates, late payment notifications and manage overdue invoices.

Contractor / Worker / Field Technician Pay-out & Payroll Management:

  • Manage payments to workers, technicians, contractors, etc. Personnel can view and manage their pay, including job-related expenses, parts, supply, tips or deductions. Set pay parameters such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, pay per hour, job or percentage.

Payment Solutions / Integration / Secure Transactions:

  • Provide payment solutions, including integration with existing systems, Stripe PayPal, etc. Accept various payment methods ACH, check, e-check, cash, credit cards, recurring payments, reference transactions and manage tax rates accordingly.

Communication and Notifications:

  • Effortlessly send and receive work orders, notes, and comments within the portal or via email. Foster seamless communication among relevant parties and external emails for efficient coordination. Configure notifications from initial work order creation to payment reminders.

Media Management:

  • Manage pictures, videos, documents, audio files and instructions within the portal. Both techs and office personnel can edit pictures for a professional touch, adding text, arrows, before and after tags, etc.

Comprehensive Notes / Additional Fields:

  • Make additional notes regarding addresses, pick-up details, contact people, internal notes, confidential information, etc.

Warranty Management:

  • Record and track job-related warranty information.

Repeat Customer – Similar Work Orders:

  • Easily access and compare similar work orders with the system’s automatic detection feature. The system will promptly identify and display any related tickets with identical details such as address, customer information, WO/PO/SALEs, and more directly within the work order interface. This ensures immediate access to relevant information from other work orders, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

 Creating, Exporting, Sending and Printing PDF or images:

  • Generate, Export or email a range of documents, including work orders, receipts, estimates, and invoices, directly from the portal, with customizable options. Tailor each document to your specific requirements by choosing whether to include pictures, amounts, or signatures. Enjoy the flexibility to export, print, or send documents according to your preferences, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

Revisions & Logs:

  • Access logs and revisions, changes done by any user, easily within the work order page.

Plugin & Website Integration with Portal:

  • Portal plugin that can be easily integrated with your web site allowing automatic work order creations for customers that requesting a service or estimate.

Custom Tagging & Filters:

  • Ability to create, add or delete custom tags that fit your business operation along with assigning colors to them. Tag jobs for easy identification, filtering and automation.  

Mobile Service / Remote Operation / Virtual Inspections & Service Reports:

  • Facilitate mobile service, remote operations, virtual inspections, and service report generation.

Error Elimination and Time Savings:

  • Minimize manual procedures and reduce mistakes through double verification and automatic notifications.

Customer Records Migration Assistance:

  • Assist in migrating customers’ existing records and accounts seamlessly.

Updates / Upgrades / Special Requests:

  • Provide access for users to request changes, upgrades, share ideas, or report problems.